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All dental patients have the right to expect professional care from their dentist and the right to determine what care they choose to accept. If you have concerns with the professional care, you have received and are dissatisfied, first discuss your concerns with your dentist. If you are still unhappy after his/her explanation, you should contact the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan and state you would like to file a formal complaint. The College’s role is to regulate the profession to ensure the safety of the public in dental health matters. All complaints are handled in strictest confidence.

What happens to my complaint? Upon receiving a call, the College Office forwards to the patient all necessary forms to file a complaint. Included is a release form, which allows the College access to the patient’s dental information. Upon receiving the signed and completed forms, the College Office requests the dentist to respond specifically to the written patient complaint.

Please send completed Complaint Forms to:

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