The CDSS is a regulator mandated to ensure public safety each time they seek oral health care in the Province. 

Overseeing that responsibility is not taken lightly and is accomplished by a group of well-trained highly skilled professionals with vast experience in oral health care  coupled with government appointed public representatives form the Council of Directors that govern the CDSS.  


Meet the CDSS Council

Elected Council Members

  • Dr. Aaron Bazylak, President
  • Dr. Derek Thiessen, President-Elect
  • Dr. Mike Fowler, Vice President
  • Dr. Bilawal Hussain
  • Dr. Drew Krainyk
  • Dr. Erika Ridgway
  • Dr. Jay Lalli
  • Dr. Kevin Saganski
  • Dr. Michael Koskie
  • Dr. Raj Bhargava
  • Dr. Wes Thomson

Saskatchewan Public Representatives

  • Mr. Don Robinson
  • Mr. Gord Wyatt
  • Ms. Silvia Martini

Other Representative

  • Gord Gillespie—ICD.D, CDSS Council Chair

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