The Council of the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan (CDSS) is governed by the mandate of the Dental Disciplines Act, 1997, section 8(1), and operates as per the CDSS Bylaws, Part 4—Council and the Administrative Bylaws Part B: CDSS Governance.   

The CDSS Council is comprised of between five (5) to eleven (11) elected councilors, and up to three (3) public representatives appointed by the Ministry of Health.  The elected councilors are dentists with knowledge and experience in oral health care and professional standards.  The public representatives are not dentists and have the responsibility to provide a public voice on council and play a vital role in the transparency and accountability for public protection. 

Meet the CDSS Council

Elected Council Members

  • Dr. Derek Thiessen, President
  • Dr. Mike Fowler, President-Elect
  • Dr. Raj Bhargava, Vice President
  • Dr. Michael Koskie
  • Dr. Erika Ridgway
  • Dr. Kevin Saganski
  • Dr. Wes Thomson
  • Dr. Kabir Virdi

Saskatchewan Public Representatives

  • Mr. Don Robinson
  • Mr. Gord Wyatt

Other Representative

  • Gord Gillespie—ICD.D, CDSS Council Chair

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