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The Saskatchewan Suggested Fee Guide serves merely as a suggestion or guideline for Saskatchewan dentists and does not raise any intention or expectation that a dentist will endorse the schedule in their practice. No dentist is under any obligation to utilize the fees as listed in the guide, but it may enable them to develop a structure of fees that is fair and reasonable to patients and themselves.

A dentist is not obligated to know the coverage of their patients. However, a dentist can provide patients with cost estimates in advance of any dental work being performed.

While the full fee guide is not available on the CDSS website, we do offer an abbreviated version of the guide which lists the codes and suggested fees for the most common services provided in Saskatchewan.  The full guide is a highly technical document containing hundreds of codes; each code representing a dental procedure using correct dental terminology that may be difficult to interpret.  It is therefore used primarily by dentists and insurance providers, and at a cost to obtain.

Questions regarding particular codes and fees need to be directed to your dentist or insurance provider as they will have access to the full Fee Guide. Dental coverage inquiries should be discussed your insurance provider.

IMPORTANT: Ordering next year’s Saskatchewan Suggested Fee Guide will be made available at the start of November each year. The link above will be updated for ordering the new guide as soon as the CDSS is ready to accept orders for next year’s Fee Guide. DO NOT place an order for next year’s Fee Guide prior to that happening as it will be processed as an order for the current year’s Fee Guide.

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