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Are we “Screwed” or can we “Cement” Implant Restoration Relationships? Current Trends and New Beginnings for Retaining Restorations on Dental Implants.

About this Seminar

Free seminar sponsored by The Aurum Group

Practitioners are constantly faced with how to best retain their implant restorations. This lecture will review the status quo on when one should consider cementing or screwing down a restoration to an implant. New ways, eliminating screws and cements, to retain restorations will also be introduced.

Objectives: Upon completion of this presentation, participants should be able to: 1) discuss the importance or retrievability with implant restorations; 2) triage placing cemented, screw or memory metal (Smileloc) retained restorations with single versus multiple implants; and 3) discuss the use of abutments with cemented, screw or memory metal (Smileloc) retained restorations.

1. Q: What are the various ways to retain restorations to implants?
A: Cement, screw, frictional retention, memory metal (Smileloc)

2. Q: What is the major advantage of using screw retained and memory metal (Smileloc) retained implant restorations?
A: Predictable retrievability

3. True or false. More biological complications are seen with screw retained implant restorations than with Screw or memory metal (Smileloc) retained restorations.
A: True

4. Q: How does the memory metal (Smileloc) coping retain implant restorations?
A: 8 nitinol memory metal flaps mechanically “lock” the restoration in place, 4 inner to the abutment and 4 outer to the coping.

5. Q: How does the memory metal (Smileloc) coping “unlock” the implant restorations?
A: An induction unit provides energy (heat) to unlock the (Smileloc) coping.


Dr. Curtis E. Jansen


About Dr. Curtis E. Jansen


Dr. Jansen graduated form the University of Southern California (USC) School of Dentistry in 1986 where he also received his certificate in Advanced Education in Prosthodontics in 1988. In 1989 he accepted a full time teaching position at USC in the Department of Restorative Dentistry and was named Director of Implant Dentistry.
In 1992 Dr. Jansen moved to Florida to practice and work with a dental implant manufacturer. Dr. Jansen has an extensive past involving research and design in implant dentistry with a number of patents for implant restorative components being used by major manufactures.
Dr. Jansen moved to Monterey, California in 1996 and began his private Prosthodontic practice. Shortly afterward, he started an on-premises dental laboratory. Dr. Jansen has been involved with corporate Dentistry, at one time owning a dental implant specialty practice. Dr. Jansen continues the grind of private practice and to lecture to groups of dental specialists, dental associations and study clubs.


  • Location Zoom Meeting
  • Date 2021 June 12
  • Start time 10:00 am
  • End time 12:00 pm
  • Credit hours 2
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