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Lost That Lovin’ Feeling? SUCCESS IS ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS (and Great Things are to Live For!)

About this Seminar

The Covid pandemic has resulted in us ‘living in interesting times’
How can we survive? 
How can we revive our practices?
How will we thrive after the pandemic is over?
In this 2 hour lecture we will:
  • Define Success so we understand the goal
  • Understand that it is not what we say but how we say it that matters
  • Utilize the groundbreaking work of Hippocrates, Jung and Marsden to learn a powerfully simple and simply powerful technique to understand our team and our patients and transform how we communicate with them
  • Utilize the power of personality types to customize how we market, meet, greet, treatment plan and schedule our patients, how we lead our team, and more.
The more you know about your patient, the more they think you know about what you are doing.
The degree of your success depends on the quality of your relationships
Building relationships takes the need for sales away.
I will build on the basic concepts and provide specific ideas that you can immediately implement to allow us all to survive, revive and thrive. You don’t have to spend alot of money to powerfully transform your practice right now.
So join me on March 6 and bring your team with you, too.


Larry Stanleigh

About Larry Stanleigh

Do you want your practice to grow? Do you want your patients

to return and pay you what you are worth? Do you want a high

functioning, happy, productive team?... If you answer YES to

any of these questions, it is time to call Dr. Larry Stanleigh!

Larry’s speaking presentations reflect over three decades of dental clinical and

business ownership experience. Through lectures, workshops and team

trainings, he brings solutions which help the dental team form stronger

relationships (both with each other and patients) thus becoming more

effective in their positions. With a focus on practice culture, self-awareness

and self-directed leadership, Larry’s programs help mindsets to evolve and

practice culture to transform and strengthen.

An avid learner and life-long student, Larry is a dedicated general practitioner

and an orofacial pain/TMJ consultant. Additionally, he runs Agility Guard, a

sports performance mouthguard company.

Larry was a rock radio DJ on-air in Toronto (CJSW) from 1977- 1981. He is an

award-winning writer/blogger and executive producer of the USNA: United

States of North America graphic novel project. Larry is also an experienced

emcee, a stand-up comic, and a recurring character in No Shirt, No Shoes,

Pants Optional comedy podcast.


  • Location
  • Date 2021 March 06
  • Start time 10:00 am
  • End time 12:00 pm
  • Credit hours 2
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