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Successful Peri-Implant Support with GBT

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Technology has allowed dental implants to be more accessible to patients, which can improve their oral health. As primary oral health care practitioners, clinicians play a pivotal role in maintaining implants. Having fundamental knowledge of implant components, the mechanism and debridement materials are central in achieving comprehensive patient-centred care.

Course summary:

This lecture explores the concepts of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) and how to incorporate it with the care module process (assess, diagnose, plan, implement, and evaluate), ADPIE to successfully and comprehensively maintaining implants and overall health.

Learning objectives:

Assessment: Describe Peri-implant disease. What clinical parameters are relevant for assessing implants?

Diagnosis: Learn the current AAP classification.

Planning: Learn the treatment plan for healthy and diseased peri-implant.

Implementation:  Describe the various materials used to debride healthy and disease peri-implants. Identify the concepts needed to effectively and safely debride around implants.

Evaluation: Describe the complications, referral and recall intervals for the healthy and disease peri-implants.


Penny Hatzimanolakis


About Penny Hatzimanolakis


Penny Hatzimanolakis received her education at UBC, completing both a Bachelor (2004) and Master degrees (2009) in Dental Science. In 1994, she obtained her diploma from Vancouver Community College in Dental Hygiene.

At UBC, she is involved in both the Dental ( DMD) and Dental Hygiene ( DHDP) Programs. She is the DMD 3rd year coordinator of the Periodontal Instrumentation Module and in the DHDP, she takes part in all four years instructing in numerous courses from dental anatomy to online evidence based practice.

She also practices with a periodontal/prosthetic specialty team. In addition, she created a consulting company, UpScale Consulting, to assist Dental Hygienists and their teams to achieve the highest standard of care.

She also assists the profession via her study club, VIP, which is affiliated with the Seattle Study Club.

Her research focuses on periodontal disease and the use of photodynamic/photodysinfection therapy but is also involved in multi-aspects of research from dental implants to oral-self care. She has published and co-authored in multiple journals.

Professor Hatzimanolakis is dedicated to both the students and Faculty. She is the Chair of the Admissions Committee, as well as a Faculty Advisor. She was awarded the Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award in 2012.


  • Location Zoom Meeting
  • Date 2021 February 27
  • Start time 9:00 am
  • End time 10:00 am
  • Credit hours 1
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