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CANCELLED: Occlusion for The General Dentist

About this Seminar

The Balance, the Position, and Influence of How We Bite and How It Affects Our Patient Care.

How simple it is to bite your teeth. Yet how much Bio-Mechanics and Physiology of our whole body is affected. And every day in the general dentist and specialist office, the function of our occlusion has far reaching affects. How does it all relate? What if I have to change Vertical Dimension? How is the TMJ involved? How is the neck alignment important? How can it change how we practice? How do I do this? How can attention to Occlusion help our patient’s health and life experience. And grow our practice with new patients, new care, and greater outcomes.

You will learn:
1) How occlusion is not just about biting teeth together, but the balance of the bite, the position of the bite, and the influence of the bite from our patient’s posture.

2) How to assess a patient’s occlusion, both static and functional, in the General Dental Office with Hands-On Demonstration and Participation. Learn how to provide dynamic digital occlusal measurement.

3) How to treat the 3 problems Occlusion suffers from, to decrease Bio-Mechanical and Structural Strain in your patient.

4) How to get confidence in understanding and solving complicated pain presentations from your patient. And understand how to bring this to your own practice.

Let’s Diagnose, Treat, and Heal our patients.

Session in partnership with The Aurum Group


Dr. Curtis Westersund

About Dr. Curtis Westersund

Dr. Curtis Westersund earned his DDS from University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. He has practiced as a general dentist in the city of Calgary in the province Alberta Canada for 36 years.

Dr. Westersund’s practice is limited to the treatment of Temporo Mandibular Disorders (TMD) with a Physiologic approach. He holds a Mastership with the International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics.
Dr. Westersund has published clinical studies, been published in 2 books about the use of neuromuscular protocols in the treatment TMD and has helped teach dentists throughout the United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, India and Canada about the treatment and communication of TMD using physiologic and neuromuscular principles.


Dental Assistant Cost $125.00
Non-Sk Dentist Cost $250.00
Dental Therapist Cost $125.00
Dental Hygienist Cost $125.00
Dentist Cost $250.00
Price increase 2 weeks prior to seminar
Dental Hygienist Cost $150.00
Dentist Cost $325.00
Dental Assistant Cost $150.00
Non-Sk Dentist Cost $325.00
Dental Therapist Cost $150.00
  • Location Double Tree by Hilton, Regina, SK, 1975 Broad St.
  • Date 2020 March 28
  • Start time 9:00 am
  • End time 3:00 pm
  • Credit hours 5
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